In God We Trust

My Intentions

Written by Brain Storm
grass 1867800 640There are too many ways in which to get lost. Permit me to show one way on how to get found. I'm going to keep a journal and wait for people to recognize me. 
Well, what kind of journal? The kind of journal that traces my development in certain areas of learning. And so, it is an example of Continuing Education. Aren't Blogs yesterday's tech? It's just about finding the right tool for the job. The right tool for this job is a Blog. It should make it easier to find others (or let them find me) who have a similar interest and stage of development. Peer learning is long understood as a vital key for helping in education- see also "Scaffolding."
So what types of things do I plan on taking on? There are 3 primary areas of interest that all brush up against the Do-It-Yourself movement. The first pertains to gadgets, meaning the tools themselves being used to create other things, or the things being created if those things might perform some other function. The second pertains to books, loosely combined as Intellectual History. And finally the third topic of interest, how to fully utilize the Internet as a medium of communication... such as this blog itself. I would like to explore audio/video production, as well as writing styles that are used by ordinary people around the world. To the degree that this should help us in mutual understanding and community building it can be regarded as a success, but it will not happen quickly. I invite you along to follow my folly, however long it takes to realize a vision.