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John "Bulldog" Durham Takes Over For Huber


Huber Out Durham In 300 200Attorney John Durham Takes Over For Special Prosecutor John Huber - OAN Newsroom

Attorney General William Barr delivers a blow to republicans waiting for the results of Special Prosecutor John Huber’s investigation.

Barr announced Friday, U.S. Attorney John Durham will be taking over for Huber to look at possible FISA abuses and surveillance of the Trump campaign.

Huber was tasked with the investigation back in March of 2018, by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

His activity was kept under wraps for months, leading many Republicans to question if he was making any progress.

Barr has since confirmed those suspicions, and said Huber was on stand-by while the office of inspector general conducted its review of the matter.

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Yes, Mexico Will Pay For The Wall


Trump Tweet Mexico Tariff 300 200

White House Imposes 5% Tariffs On All Goods Coming In From Mexico Amid Border Crisis - OAN Newsroom

As promised, President Trump revealed his plan to levy a five-percent tariff on all goods crossing the border. He believes the measure will not only clear a roadblock for the trade deal, but also encourage Mexico to enforce laws sustaining the recent migrant surge.

In a tweet Thursday he wrote — “…the tariff will gradually increase until the illegal immigration problem is remedied.”

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrado responded to the tax in a two-page letter, saying he wanted to avoid confrontation with the U.S. Lopez Obrado said the ‘America First’ policy is a fallacy, and said ideals such as “justice” and “universal brotherhood” are more important than borders.

“This president puts no higher priority than than the security of this country, than the ability of us to enforce our laws and secure our border,” stated Pence.

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Britain's Top Official sent Memo on Christopher Steele

Written by Betsy Ross in Stitches

Robert Mueller listens as Louie Gohmert asks him questionsAccording to Hill's John Solomon, "the deepest darkest secrets of Russiagate may be revealed." These new developments may even surprise the President.

This week, amid many witnesses informing Congress that Britain's top security official sent President Trump's administration a memo regarding his country's cooperation in the Russian election collusion.

Trump to Mueller: Insufficient Evidence Means Innocence

Written by Betsy Ross in Stitches

Photo courtesy of the Epoch TimesIn Robert Mueller's final presser, he stated that there was insufficient evidence to charge a broader conspiracy, sparking off renewed calls for the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump.

The President, however tweeted back:

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