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Roger Stone: Show Us The Hack!


Hacker Lies300 200HUGE DEVELOPMENT: ROGER STONE Files Two Court Documents – BLASTS FBI and Mueller’s False Allegations that Russians Gave DNC Emails to WikiLeaks - Gateway Pundit

Roger Stone is requesting proof that Russians hacked the DNC server, as was reported in the Mueller report. Stone claims if the Russians didn’t hack the DNC, his case should be dismissed.

As we’ve pointed out…. the entire fake Russia collusion narrative was based on the fairy tale that Russia hacked the DNC and then provided emails they stole to WikiLeaks. Roger Stone is out to prove that this narrative is a total fabrication.

We reported on May 11, 2019, that Roger Stone and his legal team requested the report from Crowdstrike, the firm connected with the Deep State who reportedly did inspect the DNC server after emails were released by WikiLeaks. This report was used by the FBI and the Mueller gang as support that the DNC was hacked by Russia.

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Mohamed Morsi Dead - Hillary's "Special Friend"


Morsi Hillary300 200Ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi died during a court appearance on Monday, according to multiple news reports. - The Hill

Morsi, 67, fainted after a court session and later died, per Reuters.

He was serving a seven-year sentence for falsifying his candidacy application for the 2012 presidential race.

After being removed from power by the military in 2013, Morsi served as Egypt's fifth president for slightly more than a year.

Morsi, representing the Muslim Brotherhood, rose to power after long-term president Hosni Mubarak was forced out of office by the Egyptian Revolution of 2011.

When in office, Morsi issued sweeping decrees to concentrate power in the executive that were widely condemned by international press as an Islamist coup.

Protests emerged against him in 2013, eventually culminating in a military coup which removed the Muslim Brotherhood, and Morsi, from power.

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Hong Kong Fighting The Red Dragon


Yellow Umbrella HK300 200

GIANT Hong Kong Protest Could Change Everything

What started in 2014 as the "Yellow Umbrella" protest movement in Hong Kong...protesting the tyranny of Communist China (The Red Dragon) is alive and growing. A million freedom lovers in the streets peacefully fighting back against China's attempt to change HK law to allow extradition of HK citizens to the mainland to face trial, imprisonment, torture and death.

Support the movement!

China Uncensored continues to shine light on the darkness.

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Trump: Make Healthcare Great Again!


Trump Healthcare300 200Donald Trump Announces Health Care Expansion Without Socialism - Breitbart

President Donald Trump announced plans Friday to expand health care for small business and workers through health reimbursement arrangements (HRA).

Trump said that the expansions of HRAs would allow families to start shopping around for health care plans that they wanted and to get reimbursed by their employers.

“It’s popular, it’s really, really been a success,” Trump said, noting that the Obama administration leveled penalties for HRAs, making it essentially unworkable.

The president held an announcement ceremony in the Rose Garden.

Trump said the decision would help expand the level of coverage, particularly for small businesses, calling it a “monumental” achievement.

The president brought to the podium small business owners, who explained that the new rules would help them considerably. One businessman noted that after the Obama administration hurt the HRA option, he lost employees because they needed better healthcare options.

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BREAKING: Gen. Michael Flynn Hires Sidney Powell


Sidney Powell300 200

Michael Flynn hires Sidney Powell as new counsel - The Hill

Former national security advisor Mike Flynn has hired attorney Sidney Powell as his new counsel, Hill.TV has learned.

"I'm honored to be representing General Flynn, who I've long considered an American hero. The General and his family want to thank everyone across the country for their cards and contributions to his legal defense fund. He is going to continue to cooperate with the government, pursuant to his plea agreement," Powell told Hill.TV in a phone call.

Powell is author of the new book "Licensed to Lie, Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice." The book's description reads, "Licensed to Lie reveals the strong-arm, illegal, and unethical tactics used by headline-grabbing federal prosecutors in their narcissistic pursuit of power to the highest halls of our government" and focuses on the conduct of the Justice Department during the Enron investigation in the mid-2000s.

Powell is a frequent presence on the Fox News and prominent critic of Mueller's investigation.

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