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Obama Targeted PapaD BEFORE Trump-Russia Hoax - Here's Why


Pipelines300 200BREAKING:  George Papadopoulos was targeted by Obama BEFORE the Trump-Russia hoax.  The first attack against Papadopoulos was to prevent an oil pipeline from being constructed by Israel, and to promote and oil pipeline to be constructed by Obama's favorite terrorist nation, Iran.

Revealed: Obama Targeted Papadopoulos Twice – First to Halt Israel and Assist Iran’s Gas Pipelines and then a Second Time to Stop Candidate Trump - The Gateway Pundit

The pieces are all starting to fall together and Obama and his gang can’t make it stop. The most corrupt President in US history, Barack H. Obama, will soon be known as the biggest crook to enter the Oval Office. One individual who was targeted by Obama will be the key to his demise, Trump campaign volunteer George Papadopoulos.

George Papadopoulos landed first on Obama’s radar long before the 2016 election. He was targeted because he was attempting to help Israel put together a natural gas pipeline to Europe from Israeli reserves in the Mediterranean.

President Obama hated Israel and loved Iran and his actions with Iran and the pipelines prove it.

As is widely known, in July 2015, Obama signed an agreement with Iran and gave them billions in the process –

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Iran: Deep State Puppets or Prophets of Doom?


Obama MullahFormer Obama Officials Helping Iran To Outmaneuver The United States - ZeroHedge

A small cadre of former Obama administration officials have been counseling Iranian Government officials since 2016 on how to deal with the Trump administration, according to the Daily Beast, which notes that Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zerif has been involved in the ongoing discussions.

In September (2018), former Secretary of State John Kerry admitted to meeting with Zarif "three or four times" since Donald Trump took office, a move which drew condemnation from conservatives who said Kerry was "coaching" the Iranian FM on how to deal with the White House.

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Is it possible that the attacks on the tankers in the Strait of Hormuz, and the downing of the US military drone were orchestraated by Obama loyalists or directed by Orbama himself?  There are "black sites" - Deep State controlled bases manned by those loyal to the darkness still operating in various locations world-wide.  Have black site threats been responsible for the off-again on-again behavior of Kim Jun-un in North Korea?  Is the leadership of Iran held hostage to the overloards of darkness as well?

ICE Crackdown - Countdown Begins


Close Borders300 200ICE raids targeting migrant families slated to start Sunday in major US cities - Washington Examiner

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents will reportedly begin a massive operation this Sunday to roundup 2,000 families facing deportation. ICE will likely begin the plan, known within the agency as the “family op,” with pre-dawn raids in major U.S. cities, according to the Washington Post. The raids will target migrant families that have deportation orders in as many as 10 cities including Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, and other major immigration hubs.

The operation is expected to unfold over several days beginning Sunday morning, although discussions over the scale of the operation is still ongoing.

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Biden Family Ventures In Communist China Continue


Biden Family China300 200Hunter Biden Still Active in China-Sponsored Investment Firm - The Epoch Times

Lawyers for Hunter Biden confirmed to ABC news that the younger Biden is still active in his role at a Chinese investment fund, despite scrutiny and conflicts of interests claims.

“If Hunter Biden is still connected with [the Chinese investment firm], he needs to get out of that relationship,” Robert Weissman, president of Public Citizen, told ABC News. According to Weissman, there should be more transparency about just what exactly the connection is.

Recently, President Donald Trump also suggested that Hunter Biden’s financial connections to China be investigated.

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Prison For Democrat Who Doxxed Republicans


Cosko300 200Rich-Kid Democrat Staffer Who Doxxed Political Enemies Gets Four Years In Prison - True Pundit

A 27-year-old former Democratic staffer who doxxed Republican senators during Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s 2018 confirmation hearings was sentenced to four years in prison on Wednesday.

Jackson Cosko – a Sanders supporter and son of a millionaire San Francisco developer tied to both House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA) and Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) – pleaded guilty in April to five felonies “related to an unparalleled effort to ransack a Senate office, extorting a Democratic senator, illegally harming Republicans for their political views, and blackmailing a witness,” writes the Daily Caller‘s Luke Rosiak.

Cosko was a staffer for Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-NH), and later Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX). While in Hasan’s office working as a systems administrator – and completely separate of the doxxing incident, he installed keylogging equipment that stole work and personal email passwords, downloaded a “massive trove” of data from Senate systems, and repeatedly used someone else’s key to enter the office. You know, like a spy would do.

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