In God We Trust

Q Team Is Back

Q 3355 300 200After an 11 day absence, preceeded by a month long hiatus for most of June, Q Team is posting again: "The time has come to re-enter the public domain."  That appears to mean that Q will be resuming a more regular posting presence online.

Q was particularly active during the month of May, starting with Post 3331, in which Q said that we are witnessing the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD, and told followers to enjoy the show...that being the White Hats shifting fron defense to offense.

Q went on to comment on treason, as we were told that Republican Doug Collins would be leading the charge as he started releasing transcripts of testimony of various Black Hats before the House of Representatives.

Q warned US that the Demoncrats and Marxist Screaming Media would try their worst to keep US in the dark, but would fail.  From disgraced former FBI Director James Comey's random "look at me" pic on an empty back road...perhaps scouting spider holes for rent (ala Sadam Hussein) to other indications of PANIC IN [DC], Q wrote that is it important to remember the FISA abuse and other Deep State misdeeds.

We are often told to "follow the watch" as events unfold and keep an eye out for additional revelations of Deep State spying on others like Republican Senator Ted Cruz.

Q ended the month by alluding to the bad actions of Black Hats in the UK, commenting on the resignation of GCHQ leader Robert Hannigan right after Presideent Trump was elected, the announced departure of Theresa May as UK Prime Minister, the Carter Page FISA, Julian Assange being protected as the key to revealing the truth about the DNC server and Hillary email debalces, the scope of the Five Eyes contributions to FISA abuse and other misdeeds, how the Deep State rats would turn on each other as Comey would be brought down first, the nuances of the declass and need to put AG Barr in the driver's seat, the fact that the Q movement is now a world-wide phenomenon, and the failing attempts to discredit Q.

When Q Team resumed at the end of June, we were told to be ready, the White Hats are fighting back.

The new posts began today, with questions about what happens when the power and influence of the Deep State is gone as blackmail no longer works. The focus shifts to key evil players like Bill & Hillary, Comey, Mueller, Ray Chandler...places like Lolita Island with its satanic temple...White Hats like Huber...and events like declassification and indictments.

The storm has arrived, Trump has his umbrella, lightning will strike DC.

Stay informed, tune in to Q on,.or even better, follow Q posts here on by going to Research & Investigation then click on Q-Anon. Do your own research. Buckle up.

God Bless.