Communist China: Bully of Asia

Bully of Asia300 200Contrary to what "Captured Elite" Sleepy Joe Biden says, Communist China is by far not only the greatest existential threat to US, but to the entire world.

Watch this interview of Steven Mosher on American Thought Leaders as Mosher starts with issues involving the Hong Kong protests and the Trump Administrations trade tactics and goes on to reveal the grotesque and brutal true nature of the Red Dragon.  Then draw your own conclusions.

"Captured Elite" is the classification the Chinese Communist Party gives to prominent people in other countries who have been bribed or otherwise compromised to the point they will do whatever they are told by the Communist Chinese, arguably, people such as Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein and Biden himself through his son Hunter.

Members of both political parties are prone to such servitude, yet since the Communist Chinese has made lying, cheating, stealing, threats of violence, and even violence itself its party platform, which party more closely aligns with the Red Dragon today?

Watch the interview