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PBS: Standing For US Anthem "Too Political"

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SAD! NPR Reporter Defends Media Not Standing for National Anthem, Thinks It’s Being Political -

On Sunday night, taxpayer-funded NPR national correspondent Sarah McCammon got into a Twitter debate with The Daily Mail’s David Martosko in which she endorsed reporters refusing to stand for the national anthem while covering events like campaign rallies, because that would mean reporters would be “participat[ing]” and thus endorsing the rally instead of being “there to work.”

The debate started when Martosko tweeted Sunday afternoon:

I'm amazed at how some reporters & political aides blow off the national anthem at campaign events. Just now, a Sanders aide wearing his hat during it, Warren aides sitting on the floor, a guy with a Corey Booker [sic] staff credential lying on the floor. A dozen reporters in chairs.

About five hours later, McCammon decided that this was an issue where the press would draw a line when it comes to objectivity: "Reporters are there to work, not participate"

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