Jaws of The Red Dragon Ready to Close on Hong Kong?

Communist China Invasion HK300 200China Stages Massive Anti-Riot Drill Across Hong Kong Border - Breitbart

China’s “People’s Armed Police” staged “large-scaled anti-riot exercises” on Thursday in Shenzhen, the southern Chinese city that borders Hong Kong, a move state media dismissed as “routine.”

The exercises occurred shortly before Hong Kong police arrested at least five high-profile pro-democracy dissidents in Hong Kong, including a lawmaker and a prominent activist only released from jail in June, late Thursday and early Friday. Police in Hong Kong also banned a planned peaceful protest organized by the Civil Human Rights Front, which does significant work to ensure the legality of assemblies, for this weekend.

The Global Times reported Friday that the drills were intended to prepare police officers to suppress “rebellions, riots, serious violent and illegal incidents, terrorist attacks and other incidents endangering social safety.”

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When China Runs America

Obama Movie Mogul300 200“American Factory,” a production of Barack and Michelle Obama, offers a warning of where unchecked globalism leads. - American Greatness

The true nature of China’s Communist regime has become increasingly clear, with its cyber-espionage, intellectual property theft and state-subsidized attacks on our industries openly acknowledged by everyone.

Add to that Beijing’s assault on Hong Kong and it’s obvious what’s at stake in our confrontation with China is far more than the price of sports socks at Walmart.

Now thanks to Barack and Michelle Obama, we can see what life would be like if China succeeds in its attempt to take over the world. I refer to the film “American Factory,” the first release of the former first family’s show biz venture, Higher Ground.

The documentary premiered at Sundance and can be found on Netflix and in limited theatrical release.

The film sheds light on the plight of the former GM workers the Obama Administration left to the tender mercies of their new Chinese bosses who struggle to achieve profitability in their new American venture. It captures a microcosm of globalism and its discontents.

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The Art of the Deal 2.0

Art of the Deal300 200HUGE! China Caves — Announces Willingness to Seek Calm End to Trade War After Markets Crash - The Gateway Pundit

President Trump yesterday announced that the US will increase tariffs on China and then ordered all US firms to begin seeking alternatives to doing business with China!

The Chinese regime is in a perilous position and has only two choices. The regime can either give the US what it wants or perish.

President Trump recognizes that China is in an all out war with the US in regards to information and economics. For years Western leaders have done nothing but negotiate into weak positions, never standing up to the Communist regime. Former US Presidents treated China like they did Russia 50 years ago, as their superior always giving them what they wanted and never standing up to their abuse and criminal acts.

It is different with President Trump. The President knows he has the authority and ability to inflict a fatal blow to the Chinese economy. The US is arguably in its best economic period in history while China’s economy is its weakest in 30 years.

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The Great Wall of Trump - Watch History Being Made

Trump Wall Construction300 200Having nightmares...a subconscious video loop of Ann Coulter snarling that President Trump is not building the border wall?

Afraid the leftist activists in black robes will invent an endless stream of illegal court decrees to thwart the wall?

Worn out by the ongoing madness of the Marxist Screaming Medias attacks against US just truing to save the nation?

Need a way to prove to youirself and others that the wall is really happening?

Well then, just go to TRUMP WALL CONSTRUCTION

Yes, the wall is being built, and nobody can stop it.

Click on the interactive map as new sections are completed, 

Go through the Project List Overview for work in progress.

Share the map via Facbook, Twitter, and email, bloggers: embed it on your website.

From pedestrain walls to vehicle barriers, the GREAT WALL OF TRUMP is Making America Secure Again.

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Jaws of The Red Dragon

TS2300 200Violence Escalates in Another Weekend of Hong Kong Protests - The Epoch Times

Protests in Hong Kong again turned violent following more than a week of peace and no tear gas being fired by police.

After Saturday and Sunday marches ended in two neighborhoods, clashes between police and protesters grew violent during the night.

On Sunday, several police officers drew their pistols and pointed them at a crowd of protesters and journalists. One reportedly fired a warning shot in the air.

And for the first time, police escalated their tactics by deploying two water cannon vehicles and armored vehicles on Sunday in an attempt to clear crowds.

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