Google: Always Do Evil

Google Breitbart300 200Project Veritas: 1,000 Google Employees Signed Internal Anti-Breitbart Petition - Breitbart

An internal Google petition “to end Google’s business with Breitbart” was recently leaked to Project Veritas. The petition — which over 1,000 Google employees have signed — calls for labeling Breitbart News as “prohibited content” to block the news outlet from “all Google-served ads.”

A Google insider says that a petition has been circulated among Google employees, calling on banning Breitbart News from Google’s advertising networks, in order to cut off the news platform from ad revenue, according to a recent report by Project Veritas.

“These people are employees of Google,” said a Google insider to James O’Keefe of Project Veritas, “They are unhappy with the election, and they are unhappy with the narratives that are being put out there that contradict the mainstream media’s narrative.”

Last year, emails leaked exclusively to Breitbart News revealed a similar story, in which a group of Google employees — with encouragement from the tech giant’s director of monetization — had begun plotting the downfall of the website through removing Breitbart News from Google’s market-dominating ad services.

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Jeopardy Question: 0.00047

NZ Gun Turn in Fails.300 200Answer: What is the percentage of guns innocent New Zealanders have surrendered since their government's totalitarian "voluntary" gun turn-in law was signed three months ago.

Out of the 1.5 million guns affected by the new law, only 700 have been turned in.  THE HORROR!  Where is David Hogg when you need him?  Earth to Hogg, come in Hogg.

Noncompliance Kneecaps New Zealand's Gun Control Scheme - Reason

Once again, responding to a horrendous crime by inflicting knee-jerk, authoritarian restrictions on innocent people proves to be an ineffective means of convincing people to obey. Specifically, New Zealand's government—which also stepped up censorship and domestic surveillance after bloody attacks on two Christchurch mosques earlier this year—is running into stiff resistance to new gun rules from firearms owners who are slow to surrender now-prohibited weapons and will probably never turn them in.

Officials should have seen it coming. "Police are anticipating a number of people with banned firearms in their possession won't surrender them," Stuff reported at the end of May, based on internal government documents.

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General Flynn's Counter-Attack Begins

Lt Gen Flynn300 200Michael Flynn’s New Brief Shines Sunlight On Prosecutor’s Tactics -

The defense team for former National Security Advisor Michael T. Flynn has submitted a filing to the Eastern District of Virginia fighting the government’s most recent proposal to ask the Court to deem Flynn a “co-conspirator” in the case against his former partner. The designation is solely for the purpose of obtaining the admission of one document the government itself claims is already admissible under a different rule, according to a brief filed by Flynn’s defense team.

The substantial briefing was filed in just the last few days in the case the government filed against Bijan Rafiekian, Flynn’s former consulting firm partner. It was only unsealed Tuesday. Flynn’s own filing is the most recent—after just receiving the government’s filing at 9 pm last night.

The evidence collected by Flynn’s current defense Attorney Sidney Powell, who recently replaced Flynn’s former defense attorney Robert Kelner, sheds new light on the extraordinary tactics used to target and retaliate against Flynn, according to the filing.

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Google Attacks Breitbart

Google Attack on Breitbart300 200LEAK: Googlers Petition “to end Google’s business with Breitbart,” One Thousand Employees Co-Signed -

Project Veritas has received and published documents from an insider at Google. The documents show Google employees discussing a letter asking Google leadership “to end Google’s business relationship with Breitbart.” This is the fifth release in a series of document releases from insiders at Google.

According to the documents, the letter was co-signed by over one thousand Google employees. Breitbart News has published similar materials which reportedly show a group at Google “sought to strike at Breitbart News’ revenue by kicking the site off Google’s market-dominating ad services.”

Said Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe: “Google basically says they are impartial publishers of content and therefore are not liable for any content they publish. But these documents show that they are anything but impartial.”

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Laura Loomer & Larry Klayman File $3 Billion Lawsuit Against Facebook

Laura Loomer Facebook300 200Laura Loomer Files Lawsuit Against Facebook for $3,000,000,000 for Defamation -

Laura Loomer has retained Larry Klayman as her legal counsel and is suing Facebook for 3 BILLION Dollars.

Yes, that’s 3 BILLION. reports: On Tuesday, Larry Klayman, the founder of Freedom Watch and a former federal prosecutor announced the filing of a defamation lawsuit by conservative investigative journalist Laura Loomer against Facebook. The complaint, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida (Case No. 9:19-cv-80893), alleges that Facebook and its wholly owned sister company Instagram, in banning Ms. Loomer from the social media sites, maliciously defamed her by publishing that she is a “dangerous individual” and a domestic Jewish terrorist.

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