DOJ Still Out of Control

DOJ Love Boat300 200LAWLESS: Feds Party on Yachts With Prostitutes After High Profile Agent Steals Millions from Cartel - True Pundit

Another black eye for the corrupt Justice Department.

A U.S. federal narcotics agent known for his expensive tastes and high-profile drug seizures has been implicated in a multimillion-dollar money-laundering conspiracy that involved the very cartel criminals he was charged with fighting in Colombia.

A once standout Drug Enforcement Administration agent, Jose Irizarry is accused of conspiring with a longtime DEA informant to launder more than $7 million in illicit drug proceeds, sometimes using an underground network known as the black-market peso exchange, according to five current and former law enforcement officials.

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Lawfare Works Both Ways

Nunes Lawsuit300 200Devin Nunes Files Racketeering Lawsuit Against Fusion GPS - Daily Caller

Rep. Devin Nunes is suing Fusion GPS, the firm behind the Steele dossier, and a liberal watchdog group.

The Republican accuses Fusion GPS and Campaign for Accountability of working together to derail his investigation into Fusion GPS.

Campaign for Accountability paid Fusion GPS nearly $140,000 for research last year. The group also filed three ethics complaints against Nunes, including one that accused him of leaking information about Fusion GPS.

Campaign for Accountability official Daniel Stevens has denied hiring Fusion GPS to investigate Nunes.

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Another Epstein "Girl Scout" Vanishes

brunel300 200"He's A Ghost": Modeling Agency Boss Accused Of Scouting Girls For Epstein Mysteriously Vanishes - Zerohedge

Jean Luc Brunel, the modeling agency boss who was accused of scouting young girls for Jeffrey Epstein and date-raping others, has mysteriously vanished like a "ghost" as investigators search the world looking for him, according to the NY Post.

French authorities are trying to find the 72-year-old Brunel and question him over his ties to Epstein as part of an ongoing probe into the now-dead pedophile, who had a house in Paris.

A legal source in Paris said: "He is a ghost who has disappeared without a trace."

French authorities have made inquiries in places like the U.S. and Europe, as well as Brazil, where Brunel was seen "looking for girls" just three months before Epstein was arrested.

The legal source continued: "There is no address for him, all his internet accounts, including social media, have been wiped out. He is uncontactable."

Brunel's connection to the Epstein scandal had come to light in numerous court filings. Epstein had invested $1 million to help launch Brunel's modeling firm, MC2, in return for a "supply of girls on tap" according to one lawsuit.

According to the Post, Brunel may have even sent Epstein three 12 year old girls as a birthday present one year.

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White House Press Shoots Itself In the Briefs

WH Breifing Killed300 200Trump kills the White House press briefing, 50 years after it was born - Washintgon Examiner

The White House briefing room has many functions: a storage space for tripods and camera gear, a backdrop for visitor photos, a temporary workspace for journalists without a desk. What it is not, at least since March 11, is a venue for President Trump’s press secretary to brief reporters on administration policies.

Next week will mark six months since the last White House “daily” briefing, another erosion of transparency and democracy under Trump or a sad indictment of the “fake news” media’s incivility, depending on your view.

"The reason Sarah Sanders does not go to the 'podium' much anymore is that the press covers her so rudely & inaccurately, in particular certain members of the press,” is how Trump defended the scarcity of briefings earlier this year. “I told her not to bother, the word gets out anyway!"

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Climate Alarmist Catastrophe

Hockey Stick300 200A Climate Alarmist Sued A Skeptic For Defamation – And Lost - Liberty Nation

The Supreme Court of British Columbia recently dismissed a defamation lawsuit by celebrity climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann against global warming skeptic climatologist Dr. Tim Ball. Mann must pay the full legal costs to the defendant. The ruling is explosive because it means that Ball’s claim that Mann was a scientific fraudster is now supported by the court.


In 1999, Mann published a 1000-year-long global temperature reconstruction from tree rings that severely undercut the then-accepted knowledge of climate. IPCC’s 1995 Second Assessment Report acknowledged that it was warmer during the Medieval Warm Period than today and that a significant cooling called the Little Ice Age followed and lasted until the end of the 19th century.

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