beach 1867017 640An Original poem by Bandit 

I stand before You, humble, Father so Divine,

A better man inside me, I'm hoping for to find.

On the outside it may seem, like a strong man I am,

When it comes to helping others, I do what I can.

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Lost Souls--written by Bandit

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by Bandit

On a peaceful morning seventeen years ago today,

Things changed forever in the good old U.S. of A.


Buildings shattered, lives were lost,

It took months for us to realize the cost.


In terms of property the toll was high,

Iconic buildings that had once touched the sky.


Concrete and metal and broken glass,

In due time, their absence will pass.


However, we will not forget the lost souls as the years pass by,

The men, women, and even children, brings a tear to my eye.


And the heroes that day, they left us no doubt,

Were fighting to get in, when most wanted out.


In the dust and debris, the fire and heat,

They worked night and day, they knew no defeat.


To help fellow Americans, they came from far and wide,

Every race and religion, working side by side.


For this is America, we work as a team,

you will never defeat the American dream.

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"The American Dream" by Bandit

Screen Shot 2018 09 16 at 7.49.38 PMIt started as a spark that beget a fire,
Forged from hard work, determination, desire.

A dream that only dreamers can,
To make the most of this great land.

Our founding fathers wished for so much more,
From mountains majesty, to rocky shore.

They wanted a country where everyone was free, 
From the ruling elite's hypocrisy. 

Power of the people, is what they say,
Somewhere along the line, we lost our way.

Where once as a nation, united we stood, 
Everyone together for the greater good,

Now all we do is bicker and fight,
On matters great and matters slight.

United we stand, divided we fall.
And once again, we will stand tall.

Where others have floundered I have no doubt,
That as a nation we will work things out.

With President Trump and God up above,
We will see a return to the country we love.

God Bless the U.S.A.

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China's true political situation: Political elites dominate China's Economy

Professional blogger Margot King, Corsi Nation China Connection, argues that China "is not dominated by the President as perceived by many in the West. Rather, it is controlled by Jiang Zemin and his close political associates in the Shanghai Clique."

Screen Shot 2018 08 13 at 9.51.44 AMIntroduction

Any study on the Chinese powerhouse needs to focus on the political-economic structure within China. In fact, former president of Jiang Zemin has recently been the dominant power behind the scene.This phenomenon in Chinese politics is not well understood both in China and the West. Recognition of China's true political situation has been hampered by the active suppression of information and its replacement by official narratives.

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